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Business card design for a Bordeaux events agency



In this instance, our client was Opinor Events, an event planning agency in the Bordeaux area of South-West France. They are specialised in organising corporate events such as seminars, team building events, product launch events and more.

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Since their business was new to the market, it was important for our client to have a business card with a premium feel and to keep costs low.


After a few months of use, our client has had lots of positive reactions to their business cards and it has actually been the element that has solidified some partnerships with other vendors and instaured trust and confidence in their exchanges almost instantly.

Our approach

We wanted to keep the design clean and refined, keeping the information limited to what was strictly necessary. Another feel we wanted to convey, was an image of an agency that stood out from its competitors, reflecting a dynamic company with a start-up feel.


The design

For our design, we opted for strong, 400gsm paper, giving the cards a solid feel in the hand and showing this company is also solid and reliable. Then a soft-touch finish was applied making the cards feel silky and giving them a velvety, premium effect. Finally, we used spot-UV gloss to highlight the logo on the back and front of the card. This contrasts well with the soft-touch finish and adds texture which is important when a business card is not just for the eyes but also to be touched.

It’s an important item of communication because it’s not just visual, but also tactile.

It must also feel premium if you were to hold it with your eyes closed.

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