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New Year’s Greetings Cards for Our Clients

Creating personalised greetings cards reflecting our work in 2018


These greetings cards were created by our agency for our own clients.

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We wanted to send a personalised greetings card to each and every one of our clients from 2018 to thank them for an excellent year.


We created these cards on quality paper, with the client’s name printed in the design on each card. Each card was also personally signed by our managing director.

Our Approach

We believe that each client is special and important in their own way. That’s why we wanted to personally thank each client for their business in 2018. By personalising each card with the client’s name on the front of the card and having the managing director’s signature signed onto the card by hand before sending them off in the post, made for that special touch.


The Design

Taking inspiration from Swiss design and blending it with our agency’s colours made for a modern approach to a traditional communication method. The thick, quality, 340gsm paper is just as bold as the colours used and is a standard in the domain of professional card-making.

Clients’ reactions

Sending an end-of-year Christmas card or New Year’s greetings always makes a client happy. We believe when it comes to well-wishing, the traditional methods are the best! Clients will much rather prefer a paper card they can put on their desk, in their office or even at home, far more than an email newsletter which clearly could have been sent to thousands of people.

“The signature was signed by hand on each card”

“These personalised New Year’s wishes were well received”

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