Château de Cranne Escape Game


Video Trailer for a Detective Escape Room

Creating original video content to promote a new product


Château de Cranne is a French vineyard in the Bordeaux region. Mainly known for their organic wines which are exported around the globe, in their local area they make their mark through private events.

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Our client had a brand new product to promote. They’re located in the countryside, an hour’s drive from the nearest major city. We had to promote this new product and attract visitors from the surrounding areas.


After the opening of their new escape rooms, our client quickly started getting bookings. This video is now part of a wider marketing strategy to attract new customers from further away.

Our approach

Firstly, we talked to the escape room creators at Opinor Events to find out more about the story behind the theme. This allowed us to fully understand what this video trailer should be about.

The content

Working in close collaboration with the escape room creators, we built a storyboard to work out which shots we would need to convey the story we wanted to tell. Then, we filmed on location for a total of 12 hours over 2 nights, then edited and colour-graded our footage ready to deliver to our client.

What we delivered

We delivered a cinematic 2-minute video teaser in Full HD, shot on location at the escape room venue. This video is now used by our client to promote their escape room online and they even show it to all their customers before entering the escape room to set the stage for the themed room they’re about to enter.

The video

You can watch the trailer we created for our client below. If you’re looking for something similar, for an event or a product, feel free to get in touch for a free proposal.

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